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Gore Tree Studio is a glass art and crafts studio in a quaint little village called Hemingford Grey  in Cambridgeshire, near the River Great Ouse, run by owner artist Carole Pollock.


All fused glass pieces produced by the studio are hand cut and ground from quality Bullseye Glass (Portland, Oregon) and fired at least once in my kiln, over night,  to create individual unique pieces of  artwork, glassware or jewellery. Additional firing to enhance pieces is usually required for texture and shape-changing.  Copper, brass, silver foil and other metals are used in some pieces to create a different effect. As glass is a natural medium with its own physical properties no two pieces are ever exactly the same and therefore each piece is truly unique.


At the studio I also hand craft copper foiled or Tiffany work using different types of stained glass - cathedral, opaque, translucent, opal, irridised etc.     This glass I also use  to create leaded stained glass pieces using almost the same methods and materials as medieval craftsmen.


Glass is such a beautiful material, I am sure you will soon also become enchanted by its richness and variety as I have become.



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